Discover the writer within you:
journal writing workshops for personal growth, creative expression, and healing.

Carolyn Jennings at Colorado Poets Read for the Blind and Dyslexic 2007

Carolyn offers two Journal to the Self® workshops:
Writing the Wings of Our Lives
Writing Our Wings of Recovery

Journal to the Self® is a journal writing workshop based on the work of Kathleen Adams (The Center for Journal Therapy) and her twenty-two extraordinary transformative techniques.

In Writing the Wings of Our Lives, a variety of two-hour workshops, Carolyn will guide you to uncover awareness and abundance through your pen. These techniques add zest to anyone's life. Carolyn invites you to play with sprints of writing that evoke revelation and ultimately furnish health, peace, love and joy.

In Writing Our Wings of Recovery, a six-week program, Carolyn creates a shelter of acceptance and safety in which she invites you to uncover what disrupts and what promotes your health and wholeness. She will guide you through sprints of writing to dispel the lies of addiction, compulsion, and eating disorder. Your pen will shape a life in the joy of recovery.

Your certified instructor:
For over twenty years, poet and writer Carolyn Jennings has used her journal as a primary tool in recovering from an eating disorder and in creating a thriving life.

Carolyn is now offering workshops through Creative Life Center in Boulder.

Finding the Light in your Holidays.
You are warmly invited to

  • A party without the small talk
  • A respite from the gift wrap
  • An afternoon to pause, remember, refresh
  • A time to carve on blank pages our twinkling alive–est joys of the season

Come for an afternoon of moving pens, fun and a fine cuppa Joe. Receive tools to open forgotten doors to find what will replenish you through the holidays.

Writing the Wings of the New Year
Welcome the new year in a celebration of community and writing to

  • set intentions,
  • gather tools
  • and tend dreams

You are invited to an afternoon of moving pens, fun and a fine cuppa Joe.

Carolyn offers several workshops to celebrate
Realize how exquisite you are.

Let yourself be guided through movement and writing...

You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.


Every woman has the birthright to love the pleasures of her own body and to accept the miraculous gift that her body is. Why, so often, don't we? Because too many lies have been inherited and become inhabited. But you don't have to live there.

I don't eat junk food and I don't think junk thoughts.


Up to some point in time, was your relationship with your body one of nonchalant acceptance? Was it simply your vehicle to explore the world and to give you pleasures—licking ice cream cones, rolling down green hills, walking barefoot on summer lawns, noticing soft breezes on sunny, bare arms...How is it for you now? What the hell happened?

For too many of us, the body becomes an object to be presented and compared, not the functional miracle it truly is. Food and exercise become confused under calorie counts and rules. Delight, freedom and nonchalance become squeezed as thin as we wish we could be. Nothing makes sense.

I am 51. I weigh 150 pounds at 5'6. I have puffy eyes, thin hair, hot flashes and Thunder Thighs (that once ran a marathon and once biked 1000 miles across the islands of New Zealand). At certain angles in my beloved dance studio mirror, I resemble a Chinese restaurant Buddha more than I look like dancer Judith Jamison! For years—you know, younger, thinner, firmer years at that!—I varied between discomfort in my body and despair over it; "shoulds" battled with "wants;" weight loss was THE prize, and I lived in a future of "when I lose five more pounds..."

No more. I've fallen in love with this ordinary body. And the change came not by altering my body but by changing the lenses through which I look at this gift of flesh and bones.

These days at the dance studio, I know

god dwells in the body and dance is          the hymn of praise

and I move until

every organ and bone         hums and shimmies         everybody happy

In the mirror, I see

all the soft sexy supple succulence the world could love
          woman as she is


Let's explore together what is possible. Let's gather as women and reclaim our birthright.

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"These writing exercises showed me things I desire to have in my life that I was unaware of."

"It's a place for me to remember who I am & what I want to do."

"I enjoyed it very much! Surprised at what came through in such a short time!"

-anonymous feedback from workshop participants