An eating disorder can be a dead end or a door opening to a life better than you can imagine.

Poet Carolyn Jennings offers her life story that

Hunger Speaks
a memoir told in poetry

The Colorado Independent Publishers Association recognized Hunger Speaks with the Past President's Award, which goes to the one book with the highest score from the judges in any category, a Merit Award in poetry, and the EVVY for memoirs.

The National Indie Excellence™ Awards recognized Hunger Speaks as a finalist in the 2010 poetry category.

See Carolyn's interview about Hunger Speaks on Off The Page April 2011.

" Carolyn Jennings speaks for many as she exposes the emptiness behind the hunger. Her work is both moving and stark, an inspiring and provocative guide toward full-bodied living. "

-Jackie Bay, RN. LPC
Eating Disorder Therapist for over 25 years.

Hunger Speaks a memoir told in poetry
breaks the silence of food addiction
reveals the turbulence of early recovery
unveils the spiral process of healing
sings the self-renewal and celebration of recovery

Hunger Speaks a memoir told in poetry can
spring hour hope
unleash your curiosity
unburden your shame
release your possibilities

My revelations of pain in the disorder and my understanding of healing, spun from my lived experiences, are our connection. You are not alone.

Hunger Speaks a memoir told in poetry is the story of reclaiming a life from an eating disorder. The poems are a series of doors opened, first to see and speak secrets, hidden and repressed, silenced under the eating compulsions—and then through the spiral journey into new ways to live. Hunger Speaks tells the process of recovery.

In a series of arcs of understanding, Hunger Speaks a memoir told in poetry documents a journey from

It is told in poetry because imagery has the power to bring emotion and felt experience into the reader's body and psyche. These collected poems cohered into the companion and guide I longed for in the shock, turbulence, and supreme loneliness of disease and the blindness of early recovery.

I am a kindred spirit who knows the pain intimately and who has lived and recorded her way out. It is not a how-to but a me-too. It is my hand reaching out to yours.

"This poetry memoir left me breathless and moved beyond words. It is hearbreakingly honest, exquisitely expressed, and gives me more hope than perhaps anything I've encountered."

a reader in recovery

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